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As case numbers continue to shoot up this week, the CDC released more messaging supporting the need for universal mask wearing to combat COVID-19, stating that masks protect the wearer and those around them. While frustrating to wear, masks have proven to be an essential intervention to limit the spread of coronavirus, reducing the likelihood of transmission by over 80%. So while politically controversial, the science clearly indicates the usefulness of mask wearing.

A question that should then be posed is this: If mask wearing has proven to be so effective to combat COVID-19, shouldn’t we consider mask-usage as a…

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This year has been a trying one for progressives looking to change the economic fortunes of working class families in the country. What began as an exciting first two months, with Bernie Sanders winning the popular vote in the first three Presidential state primaries, quickly turned into another frustrating electoral missed opportunity. While electing pro-worker politicians is crucial, I think there needs to be more focus by progressives and elected officials on building up labor unions to accomplish populist economic goals.

If you asked me a year ago what the most important organizing campaign was for improving the lives of…

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The United States has expensive drugs, far more expensive than prices found in other countries. People trek up to Canada to purchase a vial of insulin for $30 instead of $300(1). Americans are paying about three times more for pharmaceuticals than people living in the UK(2). This must change. The U.S. should not be paying more than other countries for the same medicines. However, U.S. policymakers should not just be looking to lower costs to the levels of other nations, but determining ways to produce and distribute essential medicines as cheaply as possible, eliminate inefficient practices, and increase innovative research…

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(Note: The high price of drugs is an important issue and must be addressed, but I will not discuss methods to lowering these costs in this post. I am focusing on the health impacts of high pharmaceutical costs currently as well as how a Medicare for All system protects people from these dangers.)

It is rare, if ever, to see Bernie Sanders talk without Medicare for All mentioned and examined. This is unsurprising, considering the incredibly extensive benefits offered by Sanders’ signature policy proposal. His health plan removes all the cost barriers and financial risk to guarantee you get the…

As the 2020 Democratic Primary gets underway, there will be a lot of debate centered around healthcare (and rightfully so). Right now, the United States has the most inefficient and costly health system in the developed world. We spend greater than two times per capita more on healthcare than nations like Canada and the UK(1). In addition to around 30 million uninsured individuals(2), there are also 44 million underinsured Americans(3). Sixty five million people last year avoided obtaining treatment due to the cost(4). Horrifically, tens of thousands are dying each year due to lack of insurance(5). It is an understatement…

Will Raderman

Will Raderman is a research fellow at Boston University and a former field organizer for the Bernie 2020 Campaign. Opinions expressed on this site are my own.

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